Hesham Abdelghaffar

Senior Partner, MenaGurus

Hesham is one of the very few business leaders and Serial entrepreneurs of Middle East and Africa (MEA) region that managed to combine deep knowledge of the industries with 25+ years of practical market experience. He is a regional wide successful CxO, with a proven record of accomplishments in starting, building, scaling up and exciting new companies and subsidiaries, advising business on strategy, growth and problem-solving with strong ability to create, structure, and deliver complex business deals with large organizations while working with multiple stakeholders both internally and externally. He is successful in building and maintaining relationships with key decision makers and winning high profile strategic deals. In short Hesham is uniquely experienced in managing businesses in Middle East and Africa. Maintains functional experience in strategic planning, management of growth, change and risk management, financial analysis, entrepreneurship, scaling-up startups, sales and operation management, CRM, supply chain management, cross functional team leadership, and outsourcing.

Hesham Held various chief roles in US, KSA, Kuwait, UAE and Egypt, He is currently Founder and Senior Partner at MenaGurus, a 100M angle investment group specialized in funding Tech startups working in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. He was the Executive Vice President and Regional Managing Director of Middle East and Africa for Wadhwani Foundation (WF), a California based US foundation with global reach, backed by the support of Romesh Wadhwani, a silicon valley billionaire and philanthropist, working toward job creations in developing economies by supporting entrepreneurship and skills development. Hesham built and led the WF MENA region chapter overseeing 22 countries. 

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