MINT Incubator Fall’20 Cycle has officially begun!

MINT Incubator Fall’20 Cycle has officially begun! We’re proud to onboard, train, and mentor 12 startups from different industries including our newly introduced FinTech track.


Meet our Startups:





They make digital ads using LED screens on moving vehicles and so make money for the users.


Cuts down the process it takes to carefully reviews multiple contracts by atomizing the contract reviewing process.


An analytic web based platform for companies in retail, FinTech, and transportation sectors.


A matchmaking platform and an E-Commerce shop for selling the essential finishing and decorative materials and supplies.

Locus Key

A smart cloud-based solution that provides ERP & CRM systems for all the stakeholders in the Tourism Industry.


A platform aimed at facilitating the process of producing graphic designs in Arabic for non-professionals with an advanced illustrator assisted tool. Users can create and edit high quality designs efficiently.


They offer a practical, low environmental impact mobility alternative to other available public transportation services in the form of the first free-floating electric car rentals operating in "Closed Scales Communities".


Streaming online education platform specialized in entertainment, it turns Arabian top talents into instructors.



Meet our FinTech Startups:


Egytech Lab

The facilitation of the customer identification process (E-KYC) by allowing the banks to collect the data through their application and then process the requests without asking the client to go to the branch itself.

A natural language processing model that will scrape data on Egyptian millennials selected at random from Facebook & will input these relevant data points – where applicable – into a credit scoring engine tailored for the Egyptian market.


An Islamic Peer-To-Peer FinTech platform that is specialized in providing collective Islamic loans to individuals.


A mobile application that enables its users to instantly transfer balance and pay for products/services.

Pinar Hazem - 10/05/2020

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