The MINT Ambassador program is geared towards undergraduate students who are looking to better their understanding of personal financing and ease their daily struggle with money management. Our Ambassadors receive extensive training in financial literacy through which we aim to make them experts in managing their own money & making the best out of what they have! MINT Ambassadors will then take things a step further by educating and supporting their direct communities to do the same.

We have chosen 40 students from our pool of applicants to become our MINT Ambassadors. These Ambassadors will take part in an intensive 5-day workshop and undergo three missions, in which they will receive training in personal banking & economics, design thinking, and mind mapping. MINT Ambassadors will also be trained on how to pass on their knowledge within their communities, through giving sessions & workshops while receiving full support from the MINT team. 

The Financial GURUS are Coming Your Way!


More About the Program:

Ambassadors’ training will take place in a form of a 5-day workshop. Workshops will include sessions and on ground-practices for the abovementioned topics, as well as sessions for necessary soft skills, such as presentation skills & mind mapping tools, that will help our Ambassadors in passing on this knowledge.

•    Knowledge Delivery
It’s time for our MINT Ambassadors to shine!  MINT Ambassador will carry out workshops at their universities, where they will pass on their acquired knowledge to their friends and fellow colleagues.

MINT will choose the top performers by the end of the knowledge delivery stage, who will be awarded with a SUMMER INTERNSHIP at EGBANK, as well as other exciting PRIZES!

What Differentiates MINT Ambassadors from the Crowd?

•    Making better financial decisions
•    Having a better understanding of the complicated world of banking
•    Being recognized as a leader in their community
•    Playing a vital role in promoting financial literacy to young adults in their community
•    Being featured in MINT’s social network channels


Here at MINT, our main goal is YOUth development. So, if you’re an ambitious young adult, looking to develop your professional opportunities, stay tuned for more to come!


Mariam Hatem - 21/10/2018

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