MINT Savings Account

MINT Savings Account


MINT is always working to provide young adults with smart solutions that enable them to access the world of banking. Now, if you are 18+ you can open your very own savings account and receive a  Contactless Debit Card. The contactless cards allows you to purchase anything you need while staying safe, just tap your card once against the POS machine. Maximum limit per purchase is EGP 600.

MINT Savings account offers young adults, between the age of 18 and 29, a number of perks designed to suit their needs. MINT's savings account has a competitive interest rate that is received based on the lowest amount available per month. The account requires no minimum balance, or any maintenance fees. Additionally, MINT's contactless debit card does not require issuance fees, and allows you to purchase online. Let's not forget that you get access to monthly hot deals and offers. More importantly, MINT provides the service of “Personal Bankers”. Personal Bankers act like financial advisors for MINT customers, and their role is to help inform you about the world of banking, banking products, and financial management, while assisting you in making better financial decisions


 Here is a list of all MINT Savings Account benefits:

  • Personal Banker: Yes.
  • Interest bearing: Yes.
  • Required Opening balance: No.
  • Minimum Balance: No.
  • Maintenance Fees:  Waived.
  • Hot Deals: New deals every months.
  • Internet banking: Available (upon request).

Having a savings account can help you manage your financials more efficiently. If you are trying to grow your savings for the future and would like to earn an income from it, then opening a savings account is exactly what you need. Hurry up and apply now!



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Mariam Hatem - 06/01/2017

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