Do you need to build a Personal Brand?


In today’s age of social media, building a personal brand has become almost a necessity for freelancers and entrepreneurs. In fact, anyone with a smart phone can build an audience to position her/himself as an expert or an inspiration, attracting potential customers to their business.

As great as it is that a lot of individuals are embracing their entrepreneurial spirit, that also means that the competition for every entrepreneur, freelancer and independent contractor is growing at a very rapid pace. Thus, building a personal brand is a key differentiator from your competition!


Why every entrepreneur should build a personal brand?

It is natural that you would create your own personal brand, when you are building a business around your areas of expertise (whether you are a coach, speaker, consultant or something else). Being the face of your business can help you reach your target customer easier.

However, the idea of having a personal brand is still very important and be very beneficial, even if you’re building a company with its own brand identity. People are usually more prone to following other people, rather than following a specific company. Thus, building an audience for your personal brand, can actually be utilized to increase exposure for your company. A great example is Elon Musk, who has more followers on twitter than three of his companies (SpaceX, Tesla, and SolarCity)


Benefits of building a personal brand:

  • - Trust and authority: Creating a personal brand allows you to build trust with your audience and allow you to influence them and become a  leader in your industry.
  • - Get featured in media: A personal brand makes you more visible to different media outlets like online magazine, podcasts or even TV. The media is constantly in search for new faces & industry experts that can share their news with their audience.
  • - Build your network: Building a personal brand that successfully articulates your identity, message, and values, makes it much easier for other people to connect with you. Thus, allowing you to build and expand your network both online and offline.
  • - Attract more clients: Positioning yourself as the go-to expert in your industry allows you to attract more of your potential ideal customers.
  • - Premium pricing: A strong personal brand also allows you to charge premium prices for your service/product, since people start seeing the value of your brand as an add-on to service/product itself.


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Mariam Hatem - 27/02/2020

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