Water Crisis in the Horizon

As part of MINT’s 2020 resolution to be more sustainable and environmentally conscious, we have collaborated with Save Egypt’s Water. Save Egypt’s Water is a movement that tackles the water crisis in Egypt by spreading awareness to the general public and promoting behavioral change.

 Earth is constantly giving us signs to take care of it, give back to it, and to stop abusing its resources. Last year alone had several environmental crises across the globe due to unsustainable use of resources. This lead to an imbalance and scarcity of resources and the year ended with the horrendous bush fires that took place in Australia and burnt most of the countries forests and wildlife. Water, which is considered the most valuable resource that earth has to offer, has reached a critical condition that is no different from the rest. We are surrounded by water in its different forms. Oceans, rivers, and seas contribute to around 70% of the earth, yet there is an ongoing global water crisis – which not many people are aware of. Of this 70% of water, fresh water contributes to around 2.5%; and less than 1% is accessible fresh water. Not only is that a small percentage, but is currently at a great risk, leading to a world water crisis. The water crisis is coming at a fast pace since the population is increasing immensely and the demand for water is getting higher year on year while the water supply is stagnant. It is estimated that by 2030, which is only 10 years from now, that demand will exceed supply by around 40%, if the consumption continues with the current trends.

The Middle East is greatly affected by the global water problem, with Jordan and Yemen already suffering from water scarcity since 2010. If you really think that this is far from us and that the Nile River is there to save us then please continue reading. This article and the upcoming ones will tell you more about the current situation that Egypt is facing according to the United Nations and BBC reports and how we, as citizens, can help overcome the problem. The United Nations warns Egypt that it is to suffer from water scarcity by 2025! This is literally 5 years from now. Water scarcity does not mean that we will not have any water left (as some people might think) but it means that we will be held accountable for every liter of water that we spend; each person will have a maximum number of liters to consume per day.

The first major city in Africa to face this severe water scarcity risk was Cape Town, South Africa. They were at risk of reaching “Day Zero” in March 2018 - the day where all the taps in the city will run dry. To overcome this challenge, the government has run an aggressive campaign and applied very tough measures to control the public usage of water. They also limited the water consumption of each person to 50 liters only/day. Meanwhile in Egypt, each person, on average, consumes about 300 liters/day - according to the Water Holding Company in Egypt. This is the highest rate in the world, higher than Denmark, Germany, Canada, USA, and even KSA - which is the closest by 271 liters/day for each citizen.

Starting with this brief introduction about the current water situation in Egypt, we will continue to raise awareness about the problem we are facing, and its impact on us. As an individual, there is a lot you can do, as small actions matter and can create change.

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small thing brought together” – Vincent van Gogh.


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Zeina Saafan - Save Egypt's Water - 02/02/2020

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