2020: New Years Resolution!


The New Year is finally here! It’s this time of the year to look at your life choices in retrospect and set new goals for yourself. Creating a new year’s resolution is the perfect opportunity to change and evolve. We’ve decided to help you out in creating your own list.


Here are a list of the 10 common New Year’s resolutions with some tips & plenty of useful links that will help you stick to it!


  •  Start eating healthier food:   Sticking to a healthy diet can be quite tricky when you’re always surrounded with juicy junk food. However, if you start the new year with some self-discipline and determination, you’ll gradually feel much lighter and healthier and what started off as a forced diet will become your preferred life style. Learn to control emotional eating & check out some amazing healthy recipes!


  • Stop procrastinating: Most of the time the desire to relax or do something fun first is our biggest obstacle. The minute you get used to procrastinating, it’s very hard to snap out of it! A nice trick to get over this is to create a daily to do list of small tasks, small wins make you feel better! Here are some useful tips that can help you change your life around.


  • Become more confident: Being confident makes it much easier to get your message across at work and in life in general. Not to mention how a healthy dose of self-confidence allows you to lead a happier life. Check out 62 ways to boost your confidence.


  • Reduce stress levels: Having a modern, fast-paced lifestyle can cause a lot of stress. This stress can ruin your relationships and overall quality of life. Even though, some of the causes of stress are unavoidable, but there are ways to effectively manage your stress level and not allow it to consume you!


  •  Go see your doctor more often: Most of us have this irrational fear of doctors and hospital and we go to great length to avoid them. It’s necessary to do regular checkups, at least once or twice a year. This way you can stay proactively healthy.


  • Face your fears and insecurities:  It’s dreadful how we allow our fears and insecurities to take control. However, it’s time to learn to survive, control and eventually overcome those fears. Learn to let go of your insecurities and embrace life!


  • Spend more time with the people that matter: We all have big dreams and sometimes we can get too distracted by our careers or even worse, we spend too much time with people who don’t really matter. Remember that spending quality time with people who deeply care about you is the best way to stay happy!


  • Get out of debt: It’s hard to move forward when you’re carrying the burdens of debt. Having financial freedom is achievable with a bit of planning and self-restraint. Start by paying off your debt and work on improving your financial management skills. You can’t imagine how good it will feel.


  • Start saving money: Once your debt is under control, you should start saving some money as a safety net for a rainy day. Learn some life hacks that will help you save money efficiently and understand how you can benefit from banks!


  • Care more about the environment: We’re all aware of the global environmental crisis that we’re getting in. There are easy things that you can do as individual that will make a difference.



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Mariam Hatem - 29/12/2019

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