Business Sabotaging Habits

Every single entrepreneur engages in significant self-sabotaging behaviours.  Entrepreneurs are often in denial or refuse to recognize that their behaviour is killing their business potential. Last month, we’ve discussed some of the most common personal sabotaging habits. In this article, we will take a closer look on common, but easily avoidable, business sabotaging habits.


Business Sabotaging Habits:

  1. Setting unrealistic goals: setting unrealistic goals for yourself or your team will most likely prevent you from achieving any at all. Set a goal that is slightly lower than your actual target at the beginning and increase your targets bit by bit after reaching each milestone.
  2. Procrastination: it’s hard to shine when you don’t give yourself time to fix mistakes or do a thorough job. Start setting deadlines and mini-deadlines to work towards your objectives.
  3. Not delegating: in the early stages of your startup, it is normal for you to be doing too many tasks. As your team starts growing, it’s necessary to start delegating some of these tasks to your team members. Remember, other people can do the same tasks as well as you can!
  4. Not getting feedback from others: as an entrepreneur, you should learn to carefully listen to feedback from mentors, investors and your teammates then use this feedback to grow!
  5. Hesitating to outsource work: outsourcing certain parts of your business is sometimes the most logical option. Don’t burden your business with tasks that can easily be outsourced.
  6. Putting off key decisions: entrepreneurs often delay important decisions due to over-analysing or getting distracted by less important tasks. Make sure to set your tasks and prioritize them to avoid this mistake.
  7. Not networking with other entrepreneurs: meeting other entrepreneurs and exchanging ideas and experiences is always beneficial. Networking with other entrepreneurs can open up opportunities for partnerships and collaborations that you might have not thought of!
  8. Disregarding local and regional news: you may find that news is irrelevant to you when you’re working on your business, but it’s important to know what is happening on an economical, financial and political level. It allows you to forecast the changes in the market/industry you’re operating in.
  9. Creating a stressful work environment for your team: pushing your team forward is important. Make sure that you praise and celebrate hard work and little wins, to motivate your team without overloading them with stress.
  10. Not having a mentor: you might think you’re a solo lighthouse when building your business. Invest in a mentor! Surround yourself with a group of friends, a coach, or simply others who have their own businesses.


Whatever self-sabotaging behaviour you have been engaging in, there is a solution that will help you evade it. So, choose one or two issues to focus on, come up with a solid solution and most importantly stick with it!


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Mariam Hatem - 12/02/2019

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