Thinking inside the “Sandbox”!

When it comes to financial technologies, the 21st century has witnessed quite the evolution.  The FinTech industry has been constantly pushing boundaries with innovative, user-friendly and convenient solutions, in the hopes of making money management easier and accessible to everyone.


In most industries, we often come across new innovative ideas that completely disrupt the market and change the rules of the game.  Clever people thinking outside the box to come up with the next big thing. However, in the FinTech world, thinking inside the box, or more specifically the experimental Sandbox, might actually lead to the next breaking edge technology!


A sandbox is a testing environment that allows FinTech businesses to test, fail, try again, and eventually succeed.  The sandbox is not restricted to big organizations but is made available for startups as well to test and develop Fintech solutions in return for a small affordable fee that covers operational expenses.


Due to the evolution of consumer spending behaviour, consumer expectations for innovation in the payments industry has significantly increased. However, the lack of modern infrastructure limits the capacity for banks and financial institutions to deliver reliable and fault-free services. The Sandbox focuses on working towards creating an infrastructure suitable to the needs of the industry while developing the regulations and policies that support its growth and expansion.


The Sandbox allows new ideas to be tested and validated at an immense pace, which creates a collective confidence boost for the industry as a whole. The Sandbox also allows FinTech businesses to compete with a very much needed level of agility.


Now is the time for FinTech businesses to strive and grow. It’s only reasonable to expect that the Fintech industry will evolve and completely change the way we live in the process!




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Mariam Hatem - 12/02/2019

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