Banking Seeds Program!

MINT, in partnership with Blooms, has created Banking Seeds, a one-day financial literacy program for high schoolers. The program is designed to teach young high school students about basic financial and economic concepts through a set of interactive, game-based workshops! This program includes 4 main topics, followed by a game-based activity where the students get to apply what they’ve learned in a simulated activity, each taking on the role of a relevant stakeholder in the market.


Here are the 4 main topics:


1- What Is Money?
In this part, the students learn about some basic financial concepts like money, currency, inflation, prices and how they respond to supply & demand.

2- What Do People Do with Their Money?
The second part of the day, focuses on explaining consumption/spending vs. saving/investment, the underlying concepts of fixed vs. variable costs, and needs vs. wants.

3- What Are Banks?
Moving on to the third part of the day, where the students get to learn about how banks work, the different types of banks and the products each type offers to its customers, and how banks influence the economy. The workshop includes a brief explanation of the infrastructure of banks and the role the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE).

4- What Is Investment?
Finally, the students learn about the different options for investment, such as banks, stock market, real estate, currencies, and insurance policies. This workshop focuses on the concepts of diversification of investment, risk vs. return, and rate of return. 


Our aim is to educate young students and equip them with knowledge that allows them to be financially savvy!

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