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Running a start-up business is already difficult.  According to a statistic by the Small Business Administration, 50% of all businesses fail in their first 5 years! Steering your startup into scaling through the challenges of limited cash flows and the fast-changing market is tough. However, most entrepreneurs end up adding extra challenges on themselves without even realising it. You could be hindering your own business growth by taking on sabotaging behaviours and beliefs. These sabotaging behaviours can be classified into two categories, personal sabotaging habits and business sabotaging habits.  In this article, we’re going to list down some of the most common Personal Sabotaging Habits!

Personal Sabotaging Habits:

1- Having difficulty visualizing success: break down your success into small goals, that will allow you to celebrate the small wins that eventually lead to success.

2- Negative self-critical thoughts: self-criticism is healthy when done right. If you dwell on negative thoughts, you’re most probably creating a self-fulfilling prophecy! 

3- Getting easily distracted: create a daily plan with the tasks/meetings you want to complete and include in your schedule a specified amount of time for the things that pop-up.  

4- Constant worrying: do your research and make thought-through decisions; what’s the worst that could happen? If you don’t get the desired results, then review and improve your strategy. Most importantly, don’t let fear control you!

5- Staying in your comfort zone: being an entrepreneur, you’ve already stepped out of some serious comfort zones. Remind yourself that to grow big, you need to take some risks sometimes.

6- Over working and not getting enough sleep: a lot of entrepreneurs fall into this destructive pattern of working too hard until they eventually burn out. Know your limits and give your body and mind enough rest.

7- Eating poorly/unhealthy: being an entrepreneur is hard, always staying out late trying to make ends meet. Just don’t forget to eat well! You’ll be surprised at how more efficient and effective your work is when you have a healthy diet.

8- Seeking perfection: many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of waiting until they perfect their skills or their product before they take action. Start moving forward, don’t wait for the right moment, practice makes perfect!

9- Over estimating your ability to multitask: sometimes what you think is a great job at multitasking is actually a high-paced, inefficient, task-switching. It’s better if you focus on one task at a time!

10- Being stubborn and not listening to feedback: listening and considering feedback is critical for an entrepreneur. Sometimes you need to change your product/service or even your entire strategy, and that’s okay!


The good news is you’re not the only entrepreneur who indulges in self-sabotaging behaviours! All entrepreneurs do, including your competitors too. However, the first step towards avoiding self-sabotaging behaviour is acknowledging it. Next month we will be discussing the Business Sabotaging Habits, so stay tuned!

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