Career: Battling your Confusion Early on!


There comes a time when you have been working for a while but still feel out of place at work. You might think that this is not what you imagined the job would be like, or that this is not the career path that you wanted for yourself, or you might feel stuck at a certain position. Whatever the cause is, the point is that you do not feel satisfied with your current state. These feelings are normal and luckily, there is a way to get past all the distress.

Let us dive deeper into some of the things that you might be feeling if you have been working for around two to five years. 


“Should I work abroad?” – There is the dilemma of how to get to live abroad, whether the best decision is to directly try and find work, or to apply for a master’s degree and from there try and find a way to settle. Another dilemma is whether to actually travel if an opportunity comes its way, as living abroad can be equally exciting as it is scary. To try to maneuver your way out of these dilemmas and into a decision is to reassess your career values. Your career values reflect what is important to you in a job. With time, your career interests and values change and so it is important to re-measure what matters to you. An important element to realize is “What is going to add value to me?” Is it actually pursuing a master’s degree or is it attending a course? Is the city that I want to move to filled with good opportunities for my career goals?


“Why am I not getting promoted?” – You might feel as if you have been working for some time now and have earned a promotion, whether it is a widening of your scope or a higher title. It might cause you to feel frustrated and as if your organization doesn’t recognize you. The point here is to acknowledge that maybe the organization does not have a vacancy or the capability to accommodate to that need, so it might be time to search for a new organization.  Another issue is that you may have not yet met the qualifications needed for the higher position, so a conversation with your supervisor is encouraged to understand the areas you may need to work on developing. The final factor is that sometimes this is just the limit of that career path. It is possible that you have reached the maximum of what this particular career has to offer, and so it might be time to try to widen your scope or seek extra qualifications. 

“I am an Accountant, and I want to be a Marketer!” – Career shifts can be quite common. You might realize that you do not like your current job and another one has peaked your interest. You might even not be exactly sure what job do you want to switch to. No need to panic! The RIASEC assessment by J. Holland helps uncover your aspirations, skills, and interests and compiles a list of jobs that might suit you. RIASEC stands for: Realistic – Investigative – Artistic – Social – Enterprising – Conventional. You can find the assessment easily online.
Realistic:  This personality type enjoys working with things more with people. 
Investigate: This personality type enjoys working with ideas more than people or things. 
Artistic: This personality type likes to work ideas more than with things.
Social: This personality type likes to work with people more than things.
Enterprising: This personality type likes to work with people and ideas more than things.
Conventional: This personality type likes to work with papers and numbers. 


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Pinar Hazem - 05/09/2019

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