How to know the right job for you?

How to know the right job for you?


Do you want to learn how to map and navigate your career journey by understanding and applying career-planning methodologies? MINT, in partnership with WUZZUF, has created the right workshop for you! The workshop will be offered twice during September, free of charge. By the end of this workshop, you will have a clearer plan of what to do to land a job.


Learning objectives:

After this session, you will:

  • Plan your next career move based on career planning theories 

  • Know how your self-awareness affects your career choice

  • Evaluate if any job fits your career values and skill set

  • Know when, who, and what to ask at every step in your career plan 


Workshop Topics Outline:

  • Explaining the process of making any career decision (Diamond Model)

  • Self-awareness includes

    • Personality assessments 

    • Motivated skills

    • Career Values

    • Interests 

  • Job awareness includes

    • How to research career (job) requirements

    • The right questions to ask subject matter experts to help increase career (job) awareness

    • How demanded this career (job) is

  • Evaluate the job based on what you researched


Workshop Details:

- Dates:               Saturday September 21st 

- Time:                6:00 – 9:00 PM

- Location:          MINT by EGBANK, 15 Kasr Al Nil St., Downtown, Cairo - مبنى مصر لتأمينات الحياة، الدور الأول 



About the Trainer:

Amira Amin is a senior Career Coach at WUZZUF, working now on helping people understand more about their own capabilities and helping them realize their full potential. 

Her experience expands over nearly 7 years now, in Vodafone Egypt, British Council, Viriphi, and now WUZZUF. Her roles include career coaching, recruitment, talent assessment, headhunting and leadership roles in multinational corporations.

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