Become a MINT Ambassador '18

MINT has partnered up with Ahead of The Curve have to bring forth one of most powerful programs for youth in the field of finance in Egypt. This unique program is designed for ambitious university students around Egypt who are passionate about finance, banking and community.

Do you have what it takes to speak about finance? 
Do you feel confident talking about finance?

Can you teach your colleagues about economics and personal banking? 
Are you able to pass your knowledge about economics and personal banking to others?

Are you a person whom people trust and seek financial advice from? 
Are you someone people seek their advice on their financials?

Are you good at savings, keeping track of your expenses and handling the cheque calculations? 
Do you love following trends in the financial market and banking news? 
Do you aspire to become a financial expert?
Are you passionate about personal banking? 

If yes, then you will be a great fit for this program! 

What is the MINT Ambassador program about?

MINT is launching the first of its kind financial literacy program for university students all over Egypt. 
Being a MINT Ambassador means being the financial literacy expert on your university campus.

After submitting your application online, the top students across the country will be selected.

What does this mean to become a MINT Ambassador? It means that you will be one of the select top students in Egypt to get the following experience: 

1.    You will join a prestigious 4 day intensive training that include finance terminology, economics, and personal banking. You will get an understanding of what is happening around us in the world when it comes to money and different economies.

2.    After the training you will become your university ambassador in finance able to help, support and educate your direct community in the importance of personal banking and finance in their daily life.

MINT Ambassadors are representative members of their local university community, who will be the gurus in finance and personal banking.

What is a MINT Ambassador’s responsibilities?

Once you are selected, you will have 3 main responsibilities:

1.    To attend the complete the 4 day training and take part in every activity during the training.
2.    Complete a small assessment to get your official MINT Ambassador role.
3.    Put together at least 2 awareness sessions in your university campus on the importance of personal banking, saving, spending and understanding what is happening in the economy now.

What do MINT Ambassadors get from this program?

You will be the only students across Egypt to receive this training by EGBANK in the field of banking, personal finance and economics on a professional level. You will get the following benefits:

1.    The title of MINT Ambassador that is exclusive to a hand full of selected students in Egypt.
2.    An extensive 4 day training opportunity with some of the top finance gurus in Egypt.
3.    An internship opportunity for the top performers at EGBANK at a selected time throughout the coming year after you complete your training and assessment.

How are the MINT Ambassadors selected?

We are looking for applications that stand out, we will be focusing on students who:

1.    Have maintained strong GPAs in their studies.
2.    Are very involved in student communities and activities.
3.    Have demonstrated experience in organizing events and speaking in public.
4.    Have expressed a passion for finance; or a career in the field of finance after graduation.
5.    Committed and dedicated to the mission.
6.    Have shown an example of past relevant experience in finance (Eg: internship in banking, part of the finance club in university, etc).
7.    Bonus: have exceptional recommendation letters from academics or supervisors.

How to apply?

Fill out the below application.

Make sure to fill as much as you can and answer all the questions. Once the applications clos, we will be responding to your application within 2 weeks to let you know if you have been selected to join the program.

Best of luck to you all, we are waiting to see if you have what it takes to join us!

Early Application Deadline: 15th August

Final Application Deadline: 15th September

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